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Maudsland physiotherapy clinic offering a practical combination of hands-on manual therapy, progressing functional movements using evidence-based clinical pilates and resistance exercises.

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What can we help you with?

  • Body Base
    Pilates Classes

    Body Base pilates classes are unique and vastly different from fitness based, generic pilates. Improve muscle conditioning, increase your balance and alleviate your lower-back pain.

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  • Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy

    Ankle sprains are common injuries that can lead to long-term chronic pain if ligaments are not completely rehabilitated.

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  • Shoulder Injury Physiotherapy

    We offer a range of treatments that can help improve the function of your shoulder - it's time to pull up your pants, do up your bra and do up your seat-belt pain-free!

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Why choose Body Base Physiotherapy?

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We offer a broad perspective on physiotherapy and rehabilitation for a wide range of injuries and pathology

  • Soft tissue recovery

    Rehabilitation for sprains, strains, injuries to muscle, tendons, ligaments to help relieve pain and improve function.

  • Clinical Pilates

    Reformer and trapeze table pilates sessions that form part of most functional rehabilitation help to improve the condition of complex and chronic injuries.

  • Sports injuries

    Ankle sprains, muscle injury/strains, shin splints, shoulder injury/pain, tendonitis, joint pain.

  • Exercise guidance

    Improve your body’s health, strength and performance – from just getting started, youth development, weekend warrior to elite athletes.

  • Fractures and post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation

    Improve movement and repair function after total knee replacement, total hip replacement, internal fixations and bone fractures.

  • Back pain

    Diagnose the source of your back pain, begin treatment and learn strategies for relief and long-term prevention.

  • Nerve pain/neuropathy

    Relieve unrelenting nerve pain that causes burning/sharp/shooting pain and weakness.

  • Musculosketal conditions

    Treatment and management of joint & muscle pain, cervicogenic headache, back pain, tennis / golfer’s elbow, joint osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement.

About Body Base

Body Base Physiotherapy is a purpose built clinic offering modern clinical pilates studio facilities and treatment rooms so that your health and rehabilitation needs can be provided by our clinic.

Our philosophy is to provide an exceptional physiotherapy experience – giving practical solutions, education and life-enhancing benefits to active people of all ages.

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Comprehensive assessment and treatment

Your initial consultation will include a comprehensive assessment of your condition, and your therapist will work with you to develop an effective management plan to optimise your recovery and performance. We utilise treatments based on the latest clinical and scientific evidence to help you achieve the best possible results.

New patients and walk-ins welcome!

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  • DVA referrals accepted

New Patients And Walk-ins Welcome!

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