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Meet Sarah Morgan Smith – Owner and Practitioner

SarahSarah’s decision to open her own clinic was based on her determination to provide optimum healthcare to her local community and surrounding neighbourhood. Sarah has been in Private Practice Physiotherapy since 2009, moving to Australia in 2010 to work predominantly with an orthopaedic spinal surgeon and managing pre/postoperative spinal patients. Over the last five years, Sarah has worked as a locum on the Gold Coast, managing a wide range of patient cases, and also lecturing on Griffith University campus to first-year Nursing and Health Science students. Learning and developing skills that she utilises when educating her patients.

Sarah loves education and books, she is a self-professed geek – graduating top physiotherapy student in her year with multiple clinical awards. As well as undertaking continual professional development in areas of mechanical diagnosis and treatment, oncology rehabilitation, higher education, and clinical pilates. Sarah has accepted a volunteer position on the medical team for the Commonwealth Games 2018, based at Carrara Precinct looking after track & field and weightlifting athletes during this time.

The Values of Body Base Physio

Based on the values of authenticity, excellence, and functionality, Body Base Physio was established because we believe in patient-centered care, education, optimising healing and recovery and long-term management of chronic conditions. Body Base Physio aims to provide a welcoming and friendly environment. We promote a holistic and active approach to health and we work towards sustainable health solutions, encouraging you to take charge of your health and well being, for better long-term health outcomes.

Successful physiotherapy is a combination of working within a well-defined scope of practice, building trust and being able to empathise with patients whilst educating them to self-manage injuries, where possible. Body Base Physiotherapy will offer a practical combination of hands-on manual therapy, progressing to functional movements utilising evidence-based clinical pilates and resistance exercises.

Rapport and relationships with patients are a core principle. We will not hesitate to refer you on to a select profession for further treatment or a second opinion if need be. It is important to remember that there is not a single track for physiotherapy rehabilitation. The same pathology may present in a variety of signs and symptoms, and will often respond differently to similar treatments, depending on the episode. Keep an open mind and listen to your body, after all, you are the expert of your own body. We are able to apply theoretical and practical experience to our knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology to help guide your plan to better health and well being.

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