Clinical Pilates

What is this thing called clinical pilates?

Clinical Pilates at Body Base Physiotherapy is unique and vastly different from the fitness based generic pilates. Utilising spring loaded reformers and trapeze tables to ease you back into efficient and stable movement patterns (you do the movement in a comfortable and supported position) – the fun bit is when we can start challenging the body. So. Much. Fun!!

How can clinical pilates help you?

  • Supportive and safe injury management and pain reduction
  • Can help correct poor movement patterns that can lead to injury
  • Repetition of pilates exercises helps to train muscle groups to work safely and efficiently
  • Overall physical wellbeing – improve posture, balance and neuromuscular (nerves & muscles) control.

We offer clinical pilates to enhance mainstream physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation, Sarah has worked with DMA Clinical Pilates for nearly ten years, in a variety of settings and with a wide range of patients. It isn’t the only treatment method that we utilise – there is such an abundance of treatments available so it is important to find one that works for you, delivered by a health professional that you have a good rapport with.

An initial assessment one-on- one with a physiotherapist trained with DMA, will identify an individual and tailored program of treatment for you. At Body Base Physiotherapy we have designed a spacious pilates studio providing a safe, controlled and accessible environment for all ages and physical abilities.

Come on in, have a look and a chat with us about whether pilates is right for YOU.

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