Injury Rehabilitation

Shoulder Injuries

Hands up if you’ve a shoulder injury (oh such a comedian).

Everything from the ‘tweak, the niggle, the shooting pain, the throb’, through to the ‘I can’t sleep/pull up my pants/do up my bra/do up my seat-belt’ pain. First things first – we know the pain is in your shoulder but as any good physiotherapist would do, we are going to have a good look at your neck. Ha!

The neck is a tricky wee body part, it can either be the source of your shoulder pain OR it can become increasingly stiff/painful after you have injured your shoulder. Either way, we need to do our ‘physio’ thing with your neck and even if we do clear your neck on initial assessment… you guessed it, we might just come back and have another look at it a few treatments down the track.

Seriously though, shoulders are exceptionally mobile joints, relying on ligaments, muscles and tendons to stabilise the joint. This is why it can be common to dislocate or sub-lux a shoulder. There are a range of treatments both hands-on and hands-off that may improve function of your shoulder – we are up for it IF you are. Don’t forget the neck!

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are unfortunately a common injury that we see, especially on the netball court, trail runs or touch field (some of my favourite places). Some sprains can thankfully be walked off and with a bit of ice and rest, feel like normal.

Beware of the recurrent ankle sprain (imagine horror movie music) – this is a classic sign of incomplete healing and rehabilitation of the ankle ligaments and surrounding supporting muscles.

This is not the end of your weekend warrior career!

However, you do need some further advice and treatment about the long-term management of chronic ankle sprains – that does NOT involve a lifetime of continual taping or ankle guards (insert horror music again).

If this sounds like you – be a gem, come on in and see us.

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